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Charlie Kay
How Preachout Works – A Definitive Beginner’s Guide
#Preachout  2 Dec, 2019    8 min read
How Preachout Works – A Definitive Beginner’s Guide


Posting an article on Preachout.com is free, just log in to get started.
By default all posts/articles will be saved as draft after hitting the "Create Post" button. You can override this setting by selecting "Published" before saving your post.



  1. Log in to your Preachout account, or create one if you don't have an account yet
  2. Click on ‘NEW POST’ button (from top menu)
  3. On the "New Post Page" enter a unique title for your post/article, and fill the rest of the form with a; 
    • Header image
    • Topic or suggested topic
    • Detailed description for main content
    • Video - YouTube link(url)
    • Good keywords - so your post can easily be found on the internet 
    • Footnotes and references 
  4. Select a topic that suits your post.
  5. Select "Other" if you can't fine the best Topic and write your preferred Topic in the "Suggest a Topic" field.
  6. Add a quality photo as a "Header Image" for your post. This will show as a background image, images for advertizing  or promotions are not allowed. Posts with no Header Images will automatically show random images from online collections.
  7. You can choose to Publish your post right away or save in a draft mode an continue later. You can also modify or edit your post after published 
  8. After filling all the relevant details for your post, click 'Create Post' to complete.